Meet The Words fashion & inspiration blogger: Emma Louise Diest

Emma loves fashion & art and studies Literature at the University of Amsterdam.

Have you always loved fashion?
When I was very young I’d always wear the most horrible ensembles,
I thought that I looked fabulous and could not be convinced otherwise.
Even though it took me some time, I eventually got the hang of it.
Maybe that is the way to create art or fashion: believe in whatever you are
making or wearing even if you are still in the process of finding your own style.

What is hanging in your closet?
My style is classic and a bit romantic. I’m always looking for special items
which I think will last longer than one season. I am in love with soft
fabrics and pastel colours, but in addition to that you’ll also find in
my wardrobe pieces with an edge.

Who are your favorite designers?
I like Stella McCarthy, Alexander McQueen, Isabel Marant,
Matthew Williamson, Acne, Chanel, Marni, Chloé, Nina Ricci,
Balmain, Louis Vuiton, Prada…

Where do you love to shop?
My all time favourite online shop would definitely be
If I only had a limitless budget…For me the best place to shop in Amsterdam
is the ‘The Nine Streets’ area.

What is on your wish list?
I would love to own a Chanel dress, a Birkin Bag or carrée…enough to wish for!

What is your latest best purchase?
My best buy at the moment is my Acne coat; beautiful, classic, very cosy and warm.


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