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Karssenberg-Greidanus, Young Professional

Amsterdam Fashion Week, 12-07-2012

KARSSENBERG-GREIDANUS present their new summer collection 2013: CloudScape. Big raincoats combined with smooth summer dresses narrate the story of a world that can be suffocating, yet a safe haven at the same time. In CloudScape a combination of transparent plastics, glass-like materials and knitwear enwrap the body.

Photos by MILOU.

KARSSENBERG-GREIDANUS is Sanne Karssenberg and Cleo Greidanus. They have been working together as a design duo since 2009, with their label based in Amsterdam. Their close collaboration allows them to approach the same subject from different perspectives, resulting in layered and edgy collections. Many of the designs refer to the protective function of clothing- against nature as well as society. Small interventions transform simple shapes into sexy and luxurious outfits, often multi-functional. Natural materials such as leather and wool are dominant. Metal accents finish the raw-edge-designs. (source

Photos: Team Peter Stigter

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