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Dorhout Mees – Fashion Week LAB

Amsterdam Fashion Week, 12-07-2012

By MILOU. - The label Dorhout Mees was founded in 2010 by Dutch designer Esther Louise Dorhout Mees. After her study in fashion design at the ArtEZ institute of the arts, and many years of working as a designer for well-established labels, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Bruuns Bazaar, Esther felt the time had come to start a label of her own.

Dorhout Mees is distinctive in its elegant style, and has a touch of nonchalance. It’s highly feminine, but easy to wear. Each collection of Dorhout Mees is based on three different components: High Fashion, ready to wear and quality Basics with a twist.
The base of all collections is silk, delicate silk knitts and prints. Fascination off the constant interaction between body and fabric, covering and uncovering the female body is always the starting point. Contradictions in structures, silhouette and textures are the essence of the collections. (source

Photos: Team Peter Stigter

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