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10 amazing Non-Traditional Gowns

It may be “a nice day for a white wedding,” but more brides than ever are looking for non-traditional, unique wedding dresses. If you have a destination, beach or mountain wedding, you should have a different type of dress that breaks the traditions of wedding gowns and make your own style in the most special day of your life, the beginning of your new married life.


From jean shorts, to mini skirts, to bright colors, pantsuits and costumes, non-traditional wedding gowns can range from the top of the fashion scale to the bottom, the most important thing is for it to be a reflection of your true self.

Here I collected 5 of my favorite looks for the modern bride. Let me know what you think!    Non Traditional Gowns1
Dare to wear a blue or pink dress, you can even wear a rainbow of colors if you wish, the choice can only be yours. Your look should only be defined by you, make the best of it.

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Non Traditional Gowns3

Non Traditional Gowns4

Non Traditional Gowns5The best thing about it is that this is your day, use the colors you want, the accessories you want, whatever you feel comfortable in will translate to your mood, your personality and your true self.

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